mercredi 2 avril 2014

Le Combat de Carnaval et Carême

Copyright Supinfocom Arles / MuCEM / Tu Nous ZA Pas Vus Productions - 2014 
There is the link to the Exhibition: 



 It's a short movie animation based on Brugel's painting "The Fight Between Carnival and Lent".
 It's a command of a National Museum in Marseille (MuCEM) and It was a team project what we made in 2 months in school.
I have worked on Modeling and texturing of a lot of assets, then on the  ligthing and particles effect.

Animation : Louise Baron, Juliette Coutellier, Loan Torres.
Rendering Area : Charlotte Da-Ros, Roxane Martinez, Florent Bossoutrot,Valentin Panisset,Sophie Blayrat.
Realisation : Amélie Graffet, Leslie Belot, Cyril Flous.
Music : Andréane Détienne (MAAAV Université Lumière Lyon 2)

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